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Deerhunter - Live in New York 10/15 - Videos

One of the most talked about and universally praised bands these days, Deerhunter, played a show in New York last night and we made sure not to miss it. We here at BAL have been up on Deerhunter since their Kranky debut, Crytpograms. Their breakthrough follow-up Microcastle/Weird Era Cont. came shortly after and we've been hooked ever since. With each passing EP/LP, they seem poised to take on greater musical challenges, unafraid to take shift stylistically and grow on their already dense and atmospheric sound. Their latest work, Halcyon Digest, displays the band’s sunny and bouncier side, with pop numbers like “Revival” and “Memory Boy” bringing much appreciated pep to the mix. Other tracks, like the harpsicord infused “Helicopter” or the sweetly sentimental “He Would Have Laughed” follow and build on the emotional qualities so omnipresent in their earlier albums. Halycon's critical success was truly deserved by this band that has so consistently delivered quality, serious music. 

Deerhunter - Desire Lines / Hazel Street / Never Stops

As you’ll see, the band played with control and ease, tearing through a 15 song set with hardly a pause but to maybe take a sip of beer, or in bassist Joshua Fauver’s case, pop in a fresh stick of bubble gum. The band were not afraid to delve into extended alternating periods of caterwauling noise and effervescent bliss. Take for example the coda to “Don’t Cry”, a simple repetition of the words “Your mansions are fading out...” over a gently strumming guitar, a segment that takes up all of 30 seconds on Halcyon, yet drawn out and magnified for over 2 minutes during their live set. A truly gorgeous and memorable experience all around.

Deerhunter - Memory Boy / Rainwater Cassette Exchange / Don't Cry

Our videos consist of the first 6 songs from the show, and includes a wide variety of tracks spanning three of their records. The full set list below:

1. Desire Lines
2. Hazel Street
3. Never Stops
4. Memory Boy
5. Rainwater Cassette Exchange
6. Don't Cry
7. Revival
8. Little Kids
9. Fountain Stairs
10. Nothing Ever Happened
11. Helicopter
12. He Would Have Laughed
13. Basement Scene
14. Spring Hall Convert
15. Fluorescent Grey 


Reader Comments (1)

Wow! Love it! Could you tell me what you used to record here?


Sure - a 5D Mk II, with sound recorded from within the audience. Thanks - glad you enjoyed it!

October 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarianne

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